Chapter Twenty-one

The annual Halloween themed dance seemed to sneak up on all of them, especially reminding Zoey of Aisha’s refusal to hang out with them, leaving her with a pang of sadness in her heart. Usually she would have bought her ticket as soon as it came out, keeping up with the tradition to get Stacey one as well. Instead, Zabrina … Read More

Chapter Twenty

Deciding to go inspect the park a bit more had been Brinly’s idea, so naturally Calder was there, but Melanie, Ben, Doug, and Zoey agreed to go along with them, even if it was an excuse to go for an evening stroll under more protection. It was also half to get Ben out of the house, as his parents were … Read More

Current Bios for Main Characters

Hello, here are some brief bios for the main characters of Serum J. I’ve been working on them for about 7 years, so I doubt things will change, but in case people wanted to draw them, I wanted to make sure they actually knew what they looked like. If you want more specific answers, feel free to message me. I … Read More

Rebecca and Ferris Reunion Blurb

When Ferris checked his phone and saw an unanswered text from Rebecca, his heart leapt a little, as it had been for the past few days, ever since they rescued her from JARGON. Ever since then, it had been a whirlwind, with her telling her story to the police, and with her preparing to go back to school despite her … Read More

Extra Blurb(s) episode one

Okay, so I really like writing extra little blurbs of writing that take place either away from the main timeline of the story or before the main timeline of the story. I figured I would start posting some of them here, and some will be longer than others. Here are a couple to get you started 🙂 (In this, Ferris … Read More