Chapter Eleven

Zoey hadn’t been to Skyler’s place before, but she saw that it was much larger than anyone else’s house that she’d seen previously, although she had to admit she hadn’t visited all of their places yet. It had nice little gardens around the property, including a small one beside the steps. When she paused to look at it, she saw … Read More


“Do you think he knows we’re both here?” Doug asked Ferris, who sniffed, but then responded, “Probably, I’m not sure how he knew we were here at all, so it’s best to assume he knows everything and be careful.” Rebecca opened her eyes again. She sighed, and then unfolded her legs. “That sounds like… Karver Zinc, he’s with JARGON and … Read More

Chapter Nine

Zoey had just finished watching one movie out of a stack of movies at Rebecca’s place with Zabrina. Rebecca was joining them at school on Friday, just to start out again, and had been studying with Lynda a bit as well. They were socializing with her in order to make her feel a bit less jumpy, and Ferris was skulking … Read More