Chapter Four

The next school day flew by with something to look forward to, especially with Zabrina involved. At lunch time, however, Zabrina did have a few questions for her, that Zoey should have seen coming. Zabrina, ever the mom-friend, cornered her before they met with their other friends in the cafeteria. She gave her a bright smile, and Zoey returned it … Read More

Chapter Three

The ‘basement’ that Ferris had suggested, resembled more of a cave, but with some lighting installed. It was mostly clear and level, spanning about half the size of the actual house. There were some large boulders scattered around the room, most with moss and small plants growing from them. Oscar had decided to follow them downstairs, she guessed because they … Read More

Chapter Two

When Zoey came to, she felt a cold cloth being applied to her face and neck, and the chattering of Melanie right beside her. She realized she was sprawled out on the couch, and confusion made what had just happened seem like a dream, if only for a moment. She bolted up, and the dizziness hit her again like a … Read More

Chapter One – All This Rain for Teen Angst

Grey clouds began to swirl outside the classroom window, or at least, that’s how it seemed, mostly because Zoey felt like the world was completely against her today.  The teacher was talking about something historical, probably related to dysentery, but Zoey was taking a moment to wallow in her own personal sorrow. Today, she had dared to ask freaking Tim … Read More