Chapter Six

The first thing Zoey was aware of when she woke up was the fact that she was sitting up and hunched over. Stiffly trying to stretch out her limbs, she found resistance, and opened her eyes, remembering she had passed out earlier, suddenly on edge. She had been moved, she could tell, but she didn’t recognize the room she was … Read More

Extra Blurb(s) episode one

Okay, so I really like writing extra little blurbs of writing that take place either away from the main timeline of the story or before the main timeline of the story. I figured I would start posting some of them here, and some will be longer than others. Here are a couple to get you started 🙂 (In this, Ferris … Read More

Chapter Five

On the night of the dance, Zoey and Ferris got a ride with Zabrina and Ted to the school. Ferris had actually dressed up slightly for the occasion in dark wash jeans and a button up shirt which may or may not have belonged to Doug. The girls did most of the chatting on the way over, but Zoey didn’t … Read More