Current Bios for Main Characters

Hello, here are some brief bios for the main characters of Serum J. I’ve been working on them for about 7 years, so I doubt things will change, but in case people wanted to draw them, I wanted to make sure they actually knew what they looked like. If you want more specific answers, feel free to message me. I … Read More

Chapter Eighteen

The clean up after they drove off was a bit difficult, but Doug managed to fix what he could before nearly passing out. “Those collars… They aren’t developed by JARGON, but they do use them. It halts the magical properties in the body, and zap the prey of energy. Those ones are specific to dragons, but I bet they use … Read More

Chapter Seventeen

Brie kept her promise that she and Aisha would refuse to sit with them at lunch, and in fact, were absent from the cafeteria completely. Dominic stayed true, however, and was waiting at their regular table when they arrived. Zabrina came down shortly after, and although she wanted to discuss what Brie had said earlier, Zoey tried her best to … Read More

Chapter Sixteen

They had gone back to get their cars, but Atlas had left his car to them as Ben, Blythe and he went to his house as soon as they could. Doug headed straight there as well, but he had to drive his truck. Luckily, the roads were relatively clear of traffic, so they were able to get there in good … Read More