Current Bios for Main Characters

Hello, here are some brief bios for the main characters of Serum J. I’ve been working on them for about 7 years, so I doubt things will change, but in case people wanted to draw them, I wanted to make sure they actually knew what they looked like. If you want more specific answers, feel free to message me. I am keeping it brief here because I think many of the characters, after being separated from their parents at a young age, would not remember much about their ethnicity and culture. (However, I am not trying to be neglectful of that, so I do have specifics if asked.)

Also basically everyone is 18 because they were stuck in a facility, and I was 18 in highschool because of when my birthday fell. Coincidentally, that’s also when I started writing this.

Zoey Jones- White

-18 years old

-5 foot 6

-longer medium brown wavy hair, brown eyes.

-curvy frame

-Birthday : April 27th (Taurus)


Doug Fritz-White

-18 years old

-5 foot 10

-short light brown hair, bright green eyes.

-Average frame, a bit thin

-Birthday: February 6th (Aquarius)


Ferris Pestle-Indigenous

-18 years old

-5 foot 6

-Long dark, straight hair, worn normally in a braid. Brown eyes.

-Average frame, long legs

-Birthday: October 28th (Scorpio)


Rebecca Danners-White

-18 years old

-5 foot 6

-long, thin, straight hair. Light brown. Brown eyes.

-Slight frame, heart shaped face, large eyes.

-Birthday: August 1st (Leo)


Oscar Blight-Indigenous

-18 years old

-6 foot 4

-Short dark hair, sticks off in static-y spikes no matter what he tries. Brown eyes.

-Very tall, Athletic to slim build.

-Birthday: May 3rd (Taurus)


Lynda Harvey (adoptive father is Skyler Harvey) -Hispanic (Mexican)

-17 years old

-5 foot 1

-Shoulder-length dark brown hair, dyed neon colors at the ends (usually green or yellow) Dark brown eyes.

-Petite build.

-Birthday: October 11th (Libra)


Skyler Harvey- White

-26 years old

-6 foot 0

-Medium brown hair, short. Hazel eyes.

-Athletic build. Slightly early worry lines near eyes.

-Birthday: May 22nd (Gemini)


Misae Saffler- Black

-24 years old

-5 foot 3

-Short dark brown curly hair. Brown eyes.

-Slender build, androgynous appearance.

-Birthday: December 13th


Sullivan Harvey-White

-23 years old

-5 foot 11

-dark brown hair no longer than around his ears, but a bit messy. Dark brown eyes.

-Slender build, wiry looking.

-Birthday: June 4th (Gemini)


Tarian Finnigan-White

-23 years old

-5 foot 5

-Tawny brown hair, straight, cut to her shoulders. Grey eyes.

-Slender build, stronger than she looks, lifts weights a bit on the weekends.

-Birthday: April 15th (Aries)


Victoria (Vikki) Strong- Black

-18 years old

-5 foot 6

-Dark curly hair done in multiple braids. Part of her bangs/fringe is dyed lime green. Dark brown eyes.

-Strong build from living in the woods.

-Birthday: October 20th (Libra)


Perrin Mors- Latina (Cuban)

-19 years old

-5 foot 7

-Wavy brown hair, green eyes.

-Strong build from living in the woods.

-Birthday: June 5th (Gemini)


Sinley Greys-White

-18 years old

-6 foot 1

-longish black hair, dark brown eyes.

-very slender build.

-Birthday: November 16th (Scorpio)


Ben Liu-Asian

-18 years old

-5 foot 9

-Short black hair, has bangs/fringe but not long enough to get in his eyes during swim practice. Brown eyes.

-Athletic build from being on swim team.

-Birthday: July 14th (Cancer)


Melanie Summers-White

-18 years old

-5 foot 5

-curly blond hair to shoulder blades, blue eyes, round face.

-Curvy build.

-Birthday: March 19th (Pisces)


Brinly Cheng- Asian

-18 years old

-5 foot 4

-Long, straight, black hair. Brown eyes.

-Slim build.

-Birthday: June 26th (Cancer)


Calder Elliot- White

-18 years old

-5 foot 10

-Short red hair, blue eyes.

-Athletic build from track, two transtibial prosthetics. (below the knee)

-Birthday: May 10th (Taurus)


Atlas Dukas-White

-18 years old

-5 foot 10

-reddish brown hair, slightly longer so it sticks off a bit. Brown eyes.

-Strong build.

-Birthday: November 25th (Sagittarius)


Blythe Tayson-White

-18 years old

-5 foot 6

-Medium brown hair, usually tied in a ponytail. Brown eyes.

-Athletic build, probably from playing with her siblings and jogging.

-Siblings in order of age: Emily (16), Jayson (13), Amy (8) and Eliza (4)

-Birthday- August 27th (Virgo)


Aisha Safar- Middle Eastern

-18 years old

-5 foot 4

-Dark brown hair and eyes, but wears a hijab as she is Muslim.

-petite frame but not athletic.

-Birthday: April 14th (Aries)


Stacy Austin-White

-18 years old

-5 foot 11

-long red hair, often worn in a fishtail braid or French braid. Green eyes.

-boxy frame,  strong build.

-Birthday: December 28th (Capricorn)


Zabrina Thorne-Black

-18 years old

-5 foot 5

-dark curly hair, usually tied back in a low ponytail. Brown eyes.

-Curvy build.

-Birthday: February 17th (Aquarius)


Brie Boucher-White

-18 years old

-5 foot 7

-short dark hair, blue eyes, oval face.

-Slim build.

-Birthday: August 20th (Leo)


Dominic Ortiz-Hispanic (Spain)

-18 years old

-5 foot 11

-Dark hair, shorter on the sides than it is in the front. Brown eyes.

-Athletic, muscular build.

-Birthday: September 21st (Virgo)


Fred Zinc-White

-?? years old

-6 foot 0

-Dark hair, well groomed facial hair. blue eyes.

-regular build. Maintains a healthy body.

-Birthday: ????


Monica Kistle-White

-34 years old

-5 foot 4

-brown hair, pulled back in a bun so tight it looks like it hurts. grey eyes.

-average build.

-Birthday: Sept 1st (Virgo)


Alain Zinc-White

-Deceased at age 15

-5 foot 5

-Medium brown hair, green eyes.

-average build, a little small.

-Birthday: November 24th (Sagittarius)

older brother to Karver (living), Aaron (Deceased, age 4) and Lillie (Deceased, age 3)


Karver Zinc-White

-18 years old

-5 foot 10

-blond hair a bit long but kept neat and tidy. Blue eyes.

-Average build, but kept muscular through routine training.

-Birthday: January 22nd (Aquarius)





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