Rebecca and Ferris Reunion Blurb

When Ferris checked his phone and saw an unanswered text from Rebecca, his heart leapt a little, as it had been for the past few days, ever since they rescued her from JARGON. Ever since then, it had been a whirlwind, with her telling her story to the police, and with her preparing to go back to school despite her anxiety. He thought about the police and a bitter taste ran through his mouth. It took him a moment to realize he’d created gravel, and was working it around with his jaw while he thought things over. He didn’t trust the police, and not in the same way Vikki or Sinley might not trust them. Everyone else was hopeful that they weren’t as corrupt as they seemed, but he could just tell that nothing was going to hurt JARGON. They’d been doing this for years, and even with the proof Rebecca gave them, if they had gotten away with this all before, they would again. He sighed and absorbed the gravel, reminding himself to respond to her text. This made his heart leap a second time, because she was asking him to come over. He strode over to the window and looked out, guessing it was dark enough outside that he could fly over and not be noticed which would be quicker than he could drive. He shot a text back that he was coming, and hoped it wasn’t anything dire.
Landing and shifting back into human form into her back yard, Ferris was glad he’d asked her parents to remove their motion-detection lights, allowing him to drop in on them more easily. They were some of the only people that knew about their secret, and he knew they could be trusted. He paused. Was he supposed to go in the front door? Rebecca had only really asked if he could come over, she hadn’t specified if they were going out or anything. He did have school in the morning, even if she wasn’t back yet, but that was the last thing on his mind. He reached for his phone, but just as he was about to text her, he heard her voice.
“Ferris, up here.” She called out softly from her bedroom window, looking as if she must have been waiting for him to touch down.
She was gaining strength since being rescued, but still appeared tired and weak. Every time he thought about it was a little stab in his heart. He didn’t mention it though, instead adding a large boulder under his feet, until he was able to reach her window sill. The boulder disappeared as she backed away for him to crawl inside.
“Is everything okay?” He asked, looking around the room for invaders or any threat possible.
“I’m okay, sorry if I scared you.” Rebecca assured him, still standing nervously in front of him.
He shot her a confused look. “Then what did you need?” he asked, trying to think about if she’d mentioned something earlier that he’d forgotten.
“Nothing really, I…” she trailed off, and he continued to look concerned.
“You can sit down if you need to. This is your room.” He told her, remaining confused.
“Um, can I hug you?” Rebecca blurted, hands clenched at her sides, shaking a little. She was probably trying to hide that, but unsuccessfully so. “I-I missed you so much, and I haven’t gotten a real chance to talk to you face to face since…” her voice wobbled again as it trailed off.
He pulled her close quickly, wrapping his arms around her and then sinking down to the floor, trying to make it unobvious that he really wanted her to sit down right now. She didn’t seem to notice, as she was instead trying to pull herself together, wiping the tears away quickly, before they could cross her cheeks.
“I told myself I wasn’t going to cry like a baby.” She said almost gruffly, and he scooted back so that he was leaning his back against the side of her bed.
“It’s okay. You’ve been through a lot, and I’m just wishing I would have known to come save you sooner.” He told her, voice low.
“You didn’t know I was still around to save.” She whispered, and his grip tightened slightly around her. He was working the gravel around in his mouth again, deep in thought.
“I wasn’t able to do anything then.” He admitted, voice still low. “Doug just looked after me for months, we barely went to school, I didn’t care to do anything, but he made sure I at least ate and…” He trailed off this time, looking her in the eye.
“I have a lot to thank Doug for then.” She told him decidedly, reaching out and taking his hand, her head leaning against his shoulder. He pulled her hand to his lips, kissing it softly, and then sighing. They stayed silent for a moment, frozen like that, then she pulled back. “I also have something to give back to you, from when I was trapped.” She stood up shakily and his hand went out instinctively, but she didn’t fall.
“I promise I’m feeling a lot better than I was the first few days.” She told him assertively, walking over to her bookshelf. She took three books off of it, fetching something small from behind it, and replacing them. “I don’t know why I’m still hiding this now that I’m back home, but it felt wrong to just leave it out. I didn’t want to lose it somehow.” She told him, wandering back over. She presented him with a dark maroon string, looking slightly worn out. Still, it looked vaguely familiar and he could smell himself faintly on it. Then he remembered.
“Is this the string from my hoodie?” He asked, sounding bewildered.
“Yes! I’m sorry it’s in such rough shape now. I had to hide it from them. I had borrowed your hoodie that day, but they took it away almost as soon as they captured me, to dress up the fake-me and have you believe I’d been murdered. But I managed to slip the string out while I was fighting with them.” She reported, sounding proud of herself.
Ferris continued to look confused. “I actually still have the sweater,” He told her, and she gave him a shocked look. “A couple of days after ‘seeing you die’ they dropped it off in my yard, to rub it in. Maybe they were trying to incite me into going on a rampage, but I couldn’t do anything after what I saw. I’ll be honest, I slept with the sweater for like 4 months, but I’ve never worn it again, so I didn’t notice the string was missing. How did you hide it from them? I don’t remember ever being able to hide things from them.”
She shot him a somewhat proud look, passing the string over to him. “Well, if I had to hide it in my room, I switched the spot I was hiding it in whenever I could. Most of the time, however, it was tied around my waist, just under my bra. Hence, why it looks so worn, unfortunately, it went through some of the testing with me.” Her voice dropped, and she gave a slight shudder. “But every time I had it on, it was reassuring. Like, a small hug. A secret hug that got me through a lot of their tests.” Her smile returned as she finished.
His eyes widened a little bit, and he asked in a small voice, “You know I chew on the ends of the strings like, everyday in class right?”
She smiled wider, nodding. “That doesn’t bother me, and especially wasn’t my concern in there. It was my good luck charm. And look how well it worked.”
He smiled, tucking the string into his pocket. She was kneeling on the floor beside him and he pulled her forehead close to his, touching them gently together. “I love you. I love you, I love you, I love you.” He whispered, closing his eyes. She sighed contentedly, whispering back that she loved him too.
It was bright out when Ferris opened his eyes, too bright out. He realized he had fallen asleep on the floor, curled up with Rebecca, and now had 12 unanswered texts from Doug. He was over three hours late for school and although that bothered him a little, he heard her sigh softly in her sleep and he knew he had to be very careful to move her if he ever wanted to leave.

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